Arizona's Family Florist PREPARES for Mother's Day!

Arizona Family Florist crews work around the clock to unload fresh flowers in preparation for Mother’s Day. Ty Brennen from FOX10 News report.

A Busy Flower Shop

In the heart of Arizona, a remarkable spectacle is happening at the Arizona Family Florist. What first appears as a mere shop soon reveals itself as a full-blown operation preparing for Mother’s Day, the biggest event in their calendar.

Mother’s Day, you ask? Surely, it’s just another holiday? Far from it. This holiday is a week-long celebration, and the preparations are nothing short of intense. How do you even prepare for something like this? It’s all about planning and forecasting based on the previous year’s volumes. Having done this for some years, the Arizona Family Florist has perfected this art.

Order to Delivery: A Symphony of Sorts

Imagine this: an order comes in through the Internet or by phone. Even as the receipt is being printed, experienced designers are already studying the order, ready to create floral masterpieces. It’s a seamless process, like a well-orchestrated symphony, from the arrangement’s creation to the moment it’s tucked into the cooler.

What’s next? They stage everything and then organize the orders into routes for delivery. It’s a process as intriguing as the people behind it.

Creation of the Beautiful Arrangements

The speed at which these arrangements are created is astounding. On average, an arrangement only takes about 10 minutes, thanks to the experienced designers at Arizona Family Florist. They truly are talented individuals, aren’t they?

The Sea of Orders

Even a sneak peek into the cooler is mind-blowing. Imagine seeing a small section of the countless orders awaiting delivery. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? A staggering 1500 orders go out each day leading up to Mother’s Day. Crazy, right?

DIY Arrangements: For the Hands-on

But what if you want to create your arrangement? Worry not because Arizona Family Florist has everything you need to create your masterpiece. And yes, it’s not too late to place your order, but do it soon before the florists around the country max out their capacity.


In conclusion, the careful planning at Arizona Family Florist for Mother’s Day shows how much this day means. It’s a busy time filled with hard work, creativity, and love, all to make moms feel special and appreciated. After all, Mother’s Day is about showing our love and appreciation, a feeling shown in every unique flower arrangement made at the shop.