How Arizona Family Florist Prepares for Mother's Day

In preparation for Mother’s Day, the team at Arizona Family Florist is working around the clock to unload fresh flowers. Irene Snyder from FOX10 News stopped by to get a sneak peek at all the hard work to ensure Mom feels special this year.

The Preparations for the Year’s Biggest Day

How much hustle and bustle goes into preparing for Mother’s Day at Arizona Family Florist? Let’s ask Cheryl, a seasoned industry veteran with nearly two decades of floral experience. Can you imagine the flurry of activity? The swirl of colors? The dedication that goes into ensuring each order is perfect?

The process begins as orders roll in from calls, online orders, or walk-ins. Each order is diligently processed and then sent to a designer. But what happens next? It’s a carefully orchestrated dance where arrangements are artfully crafted, tagged, cooled, and promptly dispatched for delivery. Isn’t it fascinating to imagine all the hard work that goes into bringing a simple smile to a mother’s face?

The Power of Spring Colors and Mass Production

But how are these arrangements designed? Picture the scene: Bright pastels, universally adored by mothers and synonymous with spring, are delicately arranged. Whether it’s a splash of pink loved by Cheryl’s mother and grandmother, or other vibrant hues, the selection seems endless.

However, during Mother’s Day, mass production becomes key to keeping up with demand. Can you envision the efficiency of creating multiple identical arrangements simultaneously? It’s a symphony of floral creativity, culminating in quick tagging, cooling, and shipping to ensure timely delivery.

A Floral Affair: Every Flower Tells a Story

When asked about her favorite flower, Cheryl can hardly choose. Who can blame her? After all, the beauty of flowers lies in their variety, their fragrance, and the emotions they stir. Perhaps for today, a garden rose might be her preference, sparking fond memories of her grandmother and highlighting the deeply personal connection we often have with flowers. How about you? Do you have a favorite flower that tells a unique story?

Mother’s Day Vs. Valentine’s Day: A Florist’s Perspective

It’s intriguing to compare the two busiest days in a florist’s calendar: Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is a one-day marathon, Cheryl explains that Mother’s Day is more of a drawn-out affair. Isn’t it heartwarming to know that mothers forgive if the flowers arrive late?

The business starts ramping up from Wednesday and continues through the weekend, peaking on Mother’s Day. Imagine the Arizona Family Florist dealing with over 1,500 orders daily!

The DIY Option: Adding a Personal Touch

Beyond the regular orders, the Arizona Family Florist also offers a DIY option for those looking to add a personal touch to their gifts. Can’t you picture walking into the flower shop, selecting your favorite flowers, choosing a vase, and creating your special arrangement? There’s something genuinely special about gifting something you’ve crafted yourself. Don’t you agree?

A Labor of Love

Despite the long hours and the sheer volume of orders, Cheryl describes the work as a labor of love. And who could disagree? The love and appreciation expressed through these beautiful arrangements make every moment worth it. Because at the end of the day, isn’t it all about putting a smile on a mother’s face?


It’s clear that the Arizona Family Florist, much like other florists around the country, works tirelessly to ensure the success of Mother’s Day. Each bloom arranged each bouquet dispatched, and each smile evoked is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Every step, from the preparation stages to the final delivery, is a dance in logistics and creativity. It’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tireless efforts of the unseen heroes who help us express our love and appreciation for the mothers in our lives. Isn’t it remarkable how much work goes into this special day? After all, as Cheryl aptly puts it, it’s a labor of love for all the moms.