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Arizona Flower Market is more than just a market; it’s a warm warehouse that holds the fragrance and beauty of countless flowers. Sunflowers and buckets might greet you at the entrance, but there’s much more to explore. Despite the 93-degree heat outside, it’s not uncomfortably warm, thanks to the open doors and a large fan. But where are all the flowers?

Discover the Rainbow in the Flower Fridge

Make your way to the back of the warehouse and prepare to be enchanted by the flower fridge. As the sliding door opens, a delightful whoosh of fragrances welcomes you. The flower fridge is filled with black crates and white buckets overflowing with flowers, creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect.

Join us as we walk with Brent Denham, Arizona Flower Market’s general manager, through this incredible space filled with alliums, dahlias, purple and yellow fridges, and more. Hundreds of different types of flowers fill the room.

The Expertise Behind the Blooms

Brent Denham, Arizona Flower Market’s general manager, carries a unique style that reflects the innovation and flair of the market. With over 20 years of experience, he embodies the family business’s tradition and passion, helping it become the largest retail florist in Phoenix.

He shares that they run about 250 to 350 daily orders, offering both designed bouquets and wholesale bunches to smaller flower stores at a discount. And the greatest part? The market is open to the public. Anyone can step into the fridge and pick their favorite flowers!

The Science of Keeping Flowers Fresh

Temperature control plays a crucial role in extending the life of flowers.

“Ideally, we like to operate it at 36 degrees. It probably fluctuates between 36 and 40. We’re slowing the death process down.”

Denham explains

This temperature, proper hydration, and flower food keep the flowers fresh and vibrant.

And what about the sunflowers outside the cooler? They enjoy the warmth of the warehouse during the day, allowing their petals to spread, only to return to the cooler at night.

A Journey Between Two Worlds

Walking between the chilly flower fridge and the warm warehouse creates an experience akin to jumping between a hot tub and a chilly pool. The contrast is fascinating, and as our guide, Amber Victoria Singer, states, stepping back into the Arizona sun after exploring the wonders of Arizona Flower Market is a joyous moment.

What can customers expect to find inside the Arizona Flower Market warehouse? Answer

Customers expect a warm warehouse filled with sunflowers, buckets, and a vast flower fridge. Inside, you’ll discover hundreds of different flowers, including alliums, dahlias, and more, arranged in a mesmerizing rainbow of colors. The warehouse is open to the public, allowing visitors to pick their favorite flowers.

How does the Arizona Flower Market ensure the freshness of its flowers? Answer

The Arizona Flower Market operates a flower fridge maintained between 36 and 40 degrees to slow down the natural dying process of the flowers. Proper hydration and flower food are also used to extend the life of the flowers. Even the display strategy, such as keeping sunflowers outside the cooler during the day, is carefully planned to preserve freshness.

Who is the general manager of the Arizona Flower Market, and what’s special about the market’s service?

Brent Denham is the general manager of the Arizona Flower Market. With over 20 years of experience, he has helped the market become the largest retail florist in Phoenix. They offer designed bouquets, wholesale bunches to smaller stores, and allow the public to pick their own flowers from the display floor, emphasizing inclusivity and quality.