Thanksgiving Floral Ideas pumpkin bouquet

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, are you ready? We compiled some of our favorite DIY Thanksgiving floral ideas to help you decorate for the holiday!

Flower Pumpkin Vases

Whether you want to keep with tradition or break away from Thanksgiving’s gold and maroon color scheme, the design possibilities are endless. We fell in love with this DIY pumpkin centerpiece from “One Charming Party.” Made with white tulips, seeded eucalyptus, and a painted pumpkin base, this simple three ingredient arrangement makes an elegant statement.

Design Tip: Once you’ve painted the pumpkin with your color of choice and scooped out the insides, place a vase or an empty soup can in the middle to hold the flowers and water. No soggy pumpkin!

Second Tip: When arranging the flowers, start with a base of greenery and then add the flowers. Alternate a layer of flowers then a layer of greens to slowly build up the bouquet.

Chrysanthemums Meet Pumpkins!

Don’t want to deal with the gooey mess of cleaning out a pumpkin? Try putting flowers around the outside!

Start by puncturing holes around the pumpkin using an awl or power drill. Cover the entire pumpkin (will need 100-120 blooms) or make a pattern. Next, strip away all the leaves on the chrysanthemums, cut each stem to 2 inches and place into each drilled hole. No need to add water, the moisture from the pumpkin will keep the blooms looking good for 3 to 4 days.

mumpkin flower pumpkin

Photo Credit from left:, Lowes, Better Homes & Gardens

Dress Up Table Napkins with Flowers

Adding a fresh bloom to your napkin settings is a quick DIY Thanksgiving floral idea. Orchids, sunflowers, or succulents can be wired onto a napkin ring holder. Or for an even easier project, include a sprig of Rosemary tucked include the napkin. The aroma of the Rosemary will enrich the dining experience.

Thanksgiving Floral Ideas - flower napkin rings

Photo Credit from left: Arizona Flower Market, Sweet Cayenne