Tropical Greens Bouquet

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Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of our Tropical Greens Bouquet at Arizona Flower Market. This collection showcases a range of tropical bouquets and combo boxes sourced from Central and South America. Please note that these exquisite bouquets should not be exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, as they require a warm environment to thrive. Regular misting will help extend the vase life of these tropical blooms, ensuring their lasting freshness. When transporting tropical flowers, it is recommended to use refrigerated route trucks and protect them in foam insulated boxes or containers. To enhance moisture absorption and retention, tropical hydrating mist products like Hawaiian Floral Mist can be used. Our Tropical Greens Bouquets are available in various sizes and price points, with costs directly influenced by the types and quantities of flowers included. From the affordable elegance of Ginger, Ti Leaves, and Palm Leaves to the captivating beauty of Heliconia, Musa, Pineapple, and Maracas, there is a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Please note that weight and volume of the bouquets may impact transport costs. Elevate your floral arrangements with the vibrant greens and unique textures of our Tropical Greens Bouquet, and create an atmosphere of tropical splendor. Please note, images are indicative, and the actual product may vary.