Sunflower Large

5 Stems



Witness the impressive transformation of tightly cut sunflowers as they open up beautifully. At Arizona Flower Market, we offer a variety of new colors and intriguing varieties to choose from. The main commercial sunflower varieties include Sunbright (black center), Sunrich (yellow center), and Sunbeam (green center). Tinted sunflowers, particularly in shades of red, have gained popularity and are available year-round. For the fall season, explore captivating bi-color (two-tone) varieties like Firewalker, Ring of Fire, and Mahogany. High-quality sunflowers boast clean or minimal foliage, ensuring a stunning visual impact. Come to Arizona Flower Market to see our sunflowers up close or give us a call for more details. Please note, images are indicative, and the actual product may vary.