Bubble Gum

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Unveil a moment of pure tenderness with our Bubble Gum bouquet, a delicate ensemble that whispers love, comfort, and affection. This heartfelt arrangement features blush-pink carnations and roses, elegantly contrasted by crisp white button poms, ethereal limonium, and luxuriant Israeli Ruscus. It’s the quintessential floral expression for special occasions or simply to add a touch of sweetness to someone’s day.

Your Bubble Gum bouquet arrives meticulously packaged in an upscale gift box, accompanied by floral food and an easy-to-follow care guide. To savor the softness of these blooms for days to come, cut the stems at an angle and place them in room-temperature water with the included floral food. Refresh the water daily, and in 2-3 days, your blooms will unfurl into their full, splendid beauty.

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