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Blue moon double
Blue moon single with vase
Blue moon single

Blue Moon



Just like the rare beauty of a blue moon, this bouquet offers a serene and uplifting presence. Composed of creamy roses and pristine white lilies, the Blue Moon bouquet exudes a sense of calm and tranquility, ideal for those occasions when words alone cannot convey your thoughts. Whether it’s to extend sympathy, celebrate a new life, or simply to bring solace, this arrangement captures the essence of caring in each and every bloom.

Your Blue Moon bouquet arrives thoughtfully packaged in our signature gift box, complete with floral food and detailed care instructions. To ensure the longevity of these premium blooms, simply trim the stems at an angle and immerse them in room-temperature water with the enclosed floral food. Refresh the water daily to maintain their radiant appearance. The flowers will reach their full, breathtaking beauty in 2-3 days.

Send the soothing embrace of a Blue Moon bouquet today!

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