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Enhance your floral designs with the captivating beauty of Anthuriums at Arizona Flower Market. These tropical flowers are known for their remarkable longevity and exquisite charm. Our collection features anthuriums in florist-size trays, carefully selected to ensure optimal presentation and minimize the risk of damage during unpacking. It is essential to protect these delicate blooms from temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, as it can cause blackening. When handling Anthuriums, exercise caution to avoid creasing or bruising. To preserve their enchanting beauty, we recommend storing them in a high-humidity environment or regularly misting them. Visit Arizona Flower Market to explore our exquisite selection of Anthuriums and let their delicate presence elevate your floral creations. For more details or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please note, images are indicative, and the actual product may vary.

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