Bridal Bouquets 2 Ways Design Class

Meet Our Guest Instructor: Brian Vetter, AAF, AzMF, AIFD, and PCFI

Our recent design class was graced by the expertise of Brian Vetter, a distinguished professional with an impressive array of accolades. As an AAF, AzMF, AIFD, and PCFI-certified floral artist, Brian brought his wealth of knowledge and passion for floral design to inspire our attendees.

Exploring the European-Style Spiral Hand-Tied Design

The class began with an in-depth exploration of the European-style spiral hand-tied bouquet, which has been trending worldwide for its elegance and beauty. Brian expertly guided everyone through the creation process, sharing insider tips and techniques.

Transforming into a Classic Traditional Foam-Based Bouquet

In an exciting twist, Brian then showed us how to disassemble the European-style bouquet and create a classic traditional foam-based design. It was a captivating journey to witness the flowers take on a new form, showcasing their versatility in bridal arrangements.

A Fusion of Artistry: Attendees Unleash Their Creativity

Each attendee embraced the challenge with zeal, experimenting with different flower combinations and arrangements. The class fostered a sense of camaraderie, as participants exchanged ideas and celebrated each other’s creations.

Gratitude to Brian Vetter: A Mentor’s Impact

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Brian Vetter for sharing his expertise and artistry with us. His mentorship left a lasting impact, empowering our attendees to elevate their floral skills and discover new dimensions in their creations.

Blooming Together: Join Our Floral Community

For those who missed this extraordinary class, fret not! Stay tuned for more exciting workshops and events, featuring renowned instructors and captivating floral themes. Let’s continue exploring the wonderful world of flowers together!

A Journey of Endless Possibilities

At our flower market, we believe that floral design is a journey of endless possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned florist or a beginner, there’s always something new to discover and create. Join our community of flower enthusiasts and embark on this blooming adventure together!

Thank You, Participants: Your Passion Inspires Us

We express our gratitude to all our participants for making this Bridal Bouquets 2 Ways Design Class a resounding success. Your passion and creativity inspire us every day. Until we meet again, keep blooming and let your floral imagination run wild!